Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Clean & Simple

So they are a little different, but the idea is the same.  I have a few weddings coming up this year, and like most things in my life, they will get here before I am prepared.  Thought I would get a head start and work on another challenge.  I just love this DSP by Me & My Big Ideas!  The stamp set if a retired SU! Sell-a-bration Happy Harmony.  Card stock is SU!'s Whisper White and Basic Black.  I used Stazon ink and embossed with clear embossing powder.

MoJo Monday on Tuesday

Since the end of year is just around the corner, I thought it is high time I got back into one of my favorite hobbies!  Card Challenges!  No, I never expect to win, expecially since I have sucha limited amount of time I can dedicate to my fav hobby.  I simply enjoy the friendly comments left by other challengers and seeing what they have created.  I hope you enjoy this Mojo Monday challenge!  I used some of my new Papertrey Ink stamps and the felted paper technique.

Inks: SU! More Mustard, Old olive, Chocolate Chip.  Papertrey's Terracotta Tile

CS:  SU! More Mustard, Choc. Chip, Old Olive.  Papertrey's Terracotta Tile

Technique:  Felted Cardstock

Winks & Wishes!

Joy, Joy, Joy!

These are the hand crafted gifts I made for friends and family this CHRISTmas.  I just LOVE! LOVE! LOVE my Big Shot, Spellbinders, and the Quickutz Mary Jane alphabet I got!  The cookie cutter alphabet is a little difficult to figure out the foam.  But then again if I had read the instructions better, it would have went much more smoothly I'm sure :)

 So this is the fist one I made.  The perfectlly square frames were bought at the dollar store in town, and yep they were a dollar lol!  The large snoflake is snowflake #2 from Sizzix in Tempting Turquois...where is that spell check anyway???!!! Ok, the J & Y are in Papertrey Ink's Raspberry Fizz while the Green Glore and Whisper White cs is from SU! along with a few of the ribbons and Dazzling Diamons (of course!).  I just cant say enough about Papertrey's BUTTONS!  You simply MUST check them out!  $5 for a large assortment of the cutest buttons ever! 

Now for another look at Joy!  I love this one too!  SU!'s Cold Play was retired a few years ago, and I like many got rid of my set!  I know!  I can't believe it either!  And of course I needed it for this so luckily my good friend E let me borrow hers!  Shes the best and this is actually who I made this for!

Again the dollar store frame.  Papertrey's buttons, SU!'s ribbons, and some DSP from Michael's.  This was so stinkin cute!  I guess I should have spelled SNOW, but my friend brings so much JOY to my life, I thought it would be more appropriate!

I have several trees in my house at CHRISTmas time...8 to be exact!  No, they all arent huge.  Some are smaller, taller, skinny, fat, on the kitchen counter, and even in the hall up stairs!  Each tree is "themed".  I have a bronze, copper, and brown in the entry.  A fun tinsil tree with hot pink in my daughters.  A formal red one in the family room down stairs.  and the list goes on. :)\

This next Joy, is missing the J & Y.  The font seemed too simple for this JOY frame.  The dollar store frames are white and in the bridal section.  I used camo paint found at Wally World for a few dollars a can to paint the plastic, it sticks better than regular spray paint and dosent run as easily.   Yes the crafter in me dosent discrimnate against anything in the manly home improvement stores!  (strange, bridal and camo in the same description!)

Ok, I used Spellbinders Fleur delis.  This is not a simple run thru the motions project here.  It takes time & patients for it to become what it is.  I also used Martha Stewarts glass beads...I'm a little disapointed in this.  If you have any suggestions on how to better adhear them, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Here is a detailed tutorial on the snowflake by Becca Feeken.  This gal is very good at giving step by step instructions on how to make this.  Her blog is filled with tons of information including COPICS markers.  I think you will truly enjoy Becca's talent!

These are just a few small gifts I made for gifts.  I hope you find inspiration in them and enjoy them as much as I.

Winks & Wishes!

Merry CHRISTmass & Happy New Year!

So it's been quite a while since my last post...guesst ime has gotten away from me with birthdays, CHRISTmas, family & friend gettogethers, and the joys of being a working mom!

I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures that I have taken so far this season.  I was so sad to see how FEW I actually took at my sisters!  Next year I will have to remember to put in extra, extra batteries!  Seems like I go thru thoes like 2 sided sticky tape! lol~
These are my beautiful children!  Candace is so photogenic while Trav likes to hide!  Someday I'll get a good pic of him :)   

Just between the two of us, I think she will be bald for many years!  Poor baby Girl!  She's so sweet and her personality is really starting to shine!  I wish I lived closer so I could see her more often!  It is amazing how fast she is growing!

This is a photo of a few of my bestest friends!  We went out for dinner and small gift exchange and let me tell you!  Everyone in the resturant knew we were there!  Many other dining parties gave us best wishes and a lifetime of friendship!  One guy even took our picture for us! So thoughtful!  I must admit, it was one of my highlites this holiday season!
So there is a story of why my dear friend C got a rusty looking, but not really rusty, dutch oven for her gift.  C collects Guardianware and had been looking for the dutch oven for a long time.  One early Sunday, my friend J and I went to the county flea market and stumbled upon this fine treasure! So, we bartered and after a few hours of letting the vendor ponder, we got it!  C was so surprised!      To add to the story, I needed to cook 3 turkeys for Thanksgiving.  I was using my roaster, & E's roaster and thought I would use my smaller dutch oven (with no lid).  So it was Thanksgiving eve and I was preping all the birds only to find the last turkey was too large to fit in my small d.o.!  What was I going to do!  I had to cook this last bird, but it would'nt fit in anything I had!  So, I washed up the good ol Gaurdianware d.o. and let me tell you, that turkey was FANTASTIC!  What a funny story to share with my friends over dinner!

J (holding the framed pic) is so full of life and has a song, AND knows all the words to every song you could ever imagine!  She always brings a smile to my face, no matter how down I am!  I made this sparkly, bright little, or actually large ornament for J.  It was so cute and fit J's personality to a T!  Bright, shiny, sparkly, PINK (she's always looking or wearing something pink!) and a JOY in my life!
This is E.  So smart, caring, and ever so purposeful, if that is such a word.    When you think a good steward, E would be the picture perfect person!  And as a mother of 2 teenage boys, so there is little girly time for her.  This is a super cute necklace C got her for CHRISTmas.  What was even more funny was, C got all of us necklaces this year, and knowing us all so well, each of us could have worn the necklaces she bought us that night as they matched what we were wearing!

I could ramble on and on about my wonderful CHRISTmas this year!  As you can see I have been quite busy and I hope that makes up for not posting much, or at all these past few weeks! :)

There will be a few posts coming up as I would love to share the gifts I made my friends for CHRISTmas!  They are so cute, easy, and fun!
Winks & Wishes!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have so much to share with you!  Since I've not posted since the Christmas Camp, I guess I should start there!

Christmas Camp was a HUGE success!  Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves stamping, chatting, & snacking!  The projects were fun, and some were a little more challenging than others but fun was had by all!  And it's always good to have a little challenge now and then!  Oh I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the bags and projects everyone brought in!  They were GREAT!  So unique and really pushed the envelop!  I felt like such a proud mother lol!  Time flew by so quickly that day!  Maybe we will have another HUGE camp at Sell-a-bration! 

The November camp is NEXT WEEK!  NOVEMBER 4TH~  My house, 7:00.  Where has the time gone to?  I must admit though, I am so excited about this camp too!  I have 2 great ornament projects to share with you and Camille has a beautiful fall card perfect for the quickly approaching Thanksgiving holiday!  Don't forget to RSVP!  Here is a list of items you will need to bring to this camp:  snail, 2 sided sticky tape, or other adhesive & if you have a Fiskers cutter/scorer you'll need that too.  We will be making another rosette!  (see snowflake pic?  Yep!  We're making that!) Cost: $5

December is right around the corner, and with holiday parties, family gatherings, and the REAL reason for the Season, Christ's birth!  We don't want you to forget the December Camp!  Camille will be hosting this event in her beautiful home!  Not to out shine the projects, but... Camilles home is decorated from top to bottom with all the bells and whistles!  She adds her magical Christmas touch in every room!  If you arent in the Christmas spirit when you get there, you surely will be before you leave!  We will email directions directly to your email and they will be available to pick up at the November camp. 

Also, January is a buy month...yeah I've been picking up my football guys lingo! lol~  January is a no camp month.  Camille and I like to take January to spend time with our families, catch up on cleaning, and catch our breath!  Because Sell-a-bration is right around the corner!  That dosent mean the blog will go slient...or at least I hope not!  I will post information about up coming camps, projects, and other fun stuff I find!  So be sure to check back!

So that's the news!  Hope to see you next week!
Winks & Wishes

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yep, I have found yet anoter awesome, or should I say Oz-Some sketch challenge from Heather at Oz-Somestamps.  Love, love, love it's simplicity!  I have been wanting to participate for almost 3 months or so, but with all the changes that have taken place since August, I havent had time!  So carpe diem!

Papers:  Su! Always artichoke, Morning Marigold, Choc. Chip, Very vanilla, and don't remember the orange one, but is it my absolute FAV of all time!  If  you know it, please tell me!
Ink:  Choc. Chip by Su!.  Hard to believe, but there is NO ribbon, buttons, glitter, brads, hardware or anything on this card.  BUT, it has a timeless simplicity that is great for men or women alike.  AND because of it's simplicity, it is beautiful.  Sometimes you don't need all the frills. 

Another reason I love love love Heather & Oz-Somestamps sketches is because she gives you all the measurements!  Yep!  every cut you will make to create this card is given to you!  Isnt that Oz-some?!  I know, lame...but I like it!  Anyway, I hope you take a quick 5 mintues to try one of Heather's sketches.  Along with all her great sketches, she's got a great blog for tips, tricks, and even more ideas for you to enjoy!

Heathers Sketch                                                                                          My Creation

Sorry about the fuzzy picture...been kind of hard on my camera these days.  Hopefull I havent ruined it!
Winks & Wishes!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Christmas Sneak Peak!

Thought you would enjoy a peak at one of the many projects we will be making!

This set is Winter Post, Real Red, Chocolate Chip, Old Olive, and Confetti Cream card stock and inks. We will be using a Faux Stitching technique that can be used on many different projects!

Winks & Wishes!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Christmas Camp CONTEST

Yep, I did say CONTEST. This is something new to our Christmas camp that will help spark that creativity prior to coming to the camp. So stand on your tippy toes and peak over the edge of your comfortable little box! The waters fine out here so take the leap and jump right in!

Ok, so here's the details~!

Holiday Gift Bag Contest


1. The bag must be no smaller than a lunch sack, and no larger than an 10x14 gift bag.

2. All work must be original. (don't go buy a premade gift bag!)

3. There must be a minimum of 2 embellishments (buttons, ribbon, glitter, get the idea?)

4. You can use anything you want to decorate your bag. (not limited to SU!)

5. Bag must be complete when you arrive.

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for this contest. This is a fun, push your creative thoughts contest. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Creative Project Contest

This contest is to show off your work and win a great prize! Simply choose a category, remain anonymous, and vote! Yes, this contest will have the winners chosen by everyone in attendance. The best project in each category will win a great prize!

There will be 3 categories

Best craftsmanship

Most creative


I cant wait to see what everyone brings! Contest is not limited to cards, so bring in those scrapbook pages, gift ideas, and all other projects! This should be a great addition to our Christmas Camp!

(on the right is an example of a display board that you will post your projects on)

Winks & Wishes,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christmas Camp UpDate


Jane E.
Jane M.

Simple Snowflake


Last minute RSVPs

Please be thinking of what stamp you would like to order!

Christmas Camp

Hello Everyone!

This is the camp that everyone has been waiting for! And as Camille and I have brained stormed endlessly, we have come up with a great camp for you!

Date: Sunday October 4th
Time: 1:00 till we all are finished!
Place: Santa's Holiday Camp (aka: my house:)
Cost: $20

SPECIAL SALE: FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed that day!

We will make:
4 Holiday Cards
1 Decorative Tin FILLED with tags
1 Gift Card Box
2 Ornaments
& a couple other small items.
In addition to providing all the supplies for the projects, snacks, and Holiday cheer you will be able to choose from one of the two stamps shown below, Dasher or Simple Snowflake! All of this for $20!

Since we will be ordering the stamp you choose in advance, so you can use it while at the camp, it is HIGHLY IMPORTANT to RSVP by SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH. It is just around the corner I know! If you do not RSVP by the date above, your stamp will be ordered on October 4th after the camp and will be delivered to you later. So be sure to RSVP and let us know what stamp you prefer! We will only have ONE EXTRA OF EACH stamp to use at the camp.

Yes, we will be having door prizes & a CONTEST too! Check back for more information! I will be posting Sneak Peaks on the projects we will be working on & details on the CONTEST soon!

This is the biggest camp Camille & I have. It is important to RSVP, not only so you have your stamp to use, but also due to the prep time involved. We require all RSVP's to be in no later than OCTOBER 2nd. Payment for camp is due at the camp. Inviting friends is encouraged and welcomed! To RSVP and let us know your stamp choice, Dasher or Simple Snowflakes, reply to this post, or email me at ccarter25@gmail.com.
Winks & Wishes!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Yes, I've been MIA. Football, gymnastics, kids school, my school, work, and a husband and my third child, Holly the golden retreiver, all are beggging for much needed attention. SO, as things start getting back to some type of routine, so will I :)

Would like to up date everyone on some very important dates! Get your calendars!

September 9th Back to School Camp

October 4th CHRISTMAS CAMP & Party

Nobember 4th Give Thanks Camp

December 2nd Holiday Camp

I found some of the local school calendars on line and have tried to pick dates that do not interfere with school events. I am the WORST when it comes to picking dates for camps! I hope after reconciling all the calendars, everyone can make it! In addition, I have set dates thru the end of the year.

Not to make life more complicated, I have decided to reclaim a space in my basement for my studio/hobby room. Yes, it's always been in my basement, but it has been shared with my son, the home gym, storage, and arcade. With my design background, you would have thought that I would have better utilized my already finished basement. BUT hey! It is ME we are chatting about~! So hopefully by October/November I will debut my newly designed studio at one of the camps. I'll have to post some pics to show my progress. Along with any craft projects that I manage to get done in that time too:)

Feel free to become a follower! We will be having some extra contests for "followers" of my blog. More to come on that too!

Winks & Wishes!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Celebration

My sister is due to have her first bundle of joy on September 7. Ironical that is Labor Day! ;) Don't think she will last that long, so we (my other sister and I) have decided to have a Baby Celebration a few weeks after her due date. Hopefully the baby won't fool us all and show up in October!

Here are 2 Baby celebration Invites I have designed for her. Let me know what one you like best!

My sister has always loved butterflies, so I added a cute little one on the foot card. I further embellished the card by adding one of my fav accessories, a flat pearl.

This card isn't as cutesy...as I was informed she didn't want anything cutesy. Don't know if this fits the bill or not...but I like it too. Just a different option.

Natalie, as of today and yesterday, is going to be her name. I hope she has blond ringlets and the brightest blue eyes as that would make the cutest baby! (of course out side of my two lol~)

So what one do you like better???? Can't wait to see who likes what!

Winks & Wishes,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Helllllooooooooo There!

Ok, so I have been totally missing for a while now. Summer has passed me by while I look out the window and wonder where the warm weather has been?... In addition, I had to take a J.O.B. Yes! A J.O.B! So in addition to everything else I do, I now work a the local bank. Which really is good as I will never work an evening or Sunday!

It amazes me how little time I now have to get all my stuff done. In addition to my new work schedule, Trav was going to a football camp at NCC (an hour from our home) last week. Twice a day I would make the trek! What a time sucker! Luckily, a couple trips were avoided as my SUPER GREAT neighbor took him! This week hasn't been much better as my Bitty Girl has had Hot U and I've been taking her to another SUPER GREAT friend at 7:00 in the morning! (Bitty Girl is SO not a morning person!)

What means the most to me is still right here, it simply takes the stage when it comes to other things that are not as important. I love my babies more than the air I breath and because of this, I needed to get a J.O.B to help out. Funny thing, now I need more help than ever just to keep up. And fall sports haven't even started yet. I know God will provide. Faith is a life saver!

So that's what I've been up to. Work, kids, more work, laundry, groceries (btw, Jewel is NOT open 24 hrs on Peace Rd. They are only open till Midnight!), and sleep somewhere in there!

My apologies for not posting some great cards I actually do have done. Maybe next week I'll get them up. I have to decide if posting them is more beneficial (as soon as they are done) or if making another is the better route to take. I always pick to make more:)

Baby Natalie's shower is in the near future. No the quilt is not finished. I hope to work on that next week...hope is the key word here :) I have to have it finished by the 26th, so let's all PRAY! lol~

Hope that updates you all with the goings on in my life. Would be great to hear from you too soon!

Winks & Wishes!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mystical Magic 30 Second Box

SO, just what is exactly The Mystical Magic 30 Second Box??? Stay tuned for more information!
I'll post after the camp tonight!

Winks & Wishes
The Mystical Magical Christie :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stamp Camp! FRIDAY!

Hello Campers!

No need for bug spray, sleeping bag, and leaky tent. Just bring your snail or other adhesive cause it's STAMP CAMP!
Here's the details!

Where: My house

When: FRIDAY 7:00 or if you can make it, 6:30


We will be using the New In Colors! Arnt they pretty! I LOVE Sued! We are going to make 2 cards and one picture holder. Yep! picture holder. You'll have to come or wait till I post it to see it!
Cant wait to see ya'll~!
Winks & Wishes,

The Paris Market

While on my girls trip to Savannah & Hilton Head I asked a good friend of mine what I should do. As I had 5 hours between the time my friends needed to be at the air port and when I needed to be there. Reese gave me SEVERAL suggestions, and though I had visited Savannah previously, this time was different.

I was alone. Yes, all by my lonesome...not a chance! I LOVED it! I only wished my gal pals could have stayed and walked the squares, markets, eaten pie, and sipped sweet tea with me! Next time I hope they will join me on my adventure.

Reese made mention of The Paris Market. I LOVE Paris, though I've never been there. Truth be told, I love any where new. It's all such and adventure and I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to seeing and trying new things!
Back to the Paris Market...So much stuff and all I had was my beach bag. My bestest friend E took my carry on as I would have had to lug it around all day all over Savannah. Not fun, and E knows I LOVE to go and do and see and touch...you get the picture. So I had this small beach bag with my jacket, small blanket for the chilly plane ride home, my camera which I almost NEVER leave home with out, and my purse. So shopping was going to be either small, or pay to have it shipped. I hate to ship stuff when you are right there, so I opted for small, easy to transport.

And what a great small easy to transport find I FOUND! Check these out! These are place card holders that are also napkin rings! LOVE IT! And though I do love to dress my table to the Nines for guests, my first thought for these beauties was CARD HOLDERS! Don't you just LOVE them too??? If you love them as much as me, you can buy them online at The Paris Market.

I also brought home some other small treasures. Sea shells, millions of pictures, blisters on my feet, and I think I gained 5 pounds. And it was all worth every second of it!
Winks & Wishes

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clean & Simple...just keep saying that!

I had to laugh when stumbled across this blog! Clean & Simple. So NOT me. I'm so NOT...well organized is a better word than "clean". And simple...nothing simple about this country girl trapped in a sub burb of Chicago! lol~

When I went into my studio, I just kept saying clean & simple, clean & simple, clean & simple. And you know, when you start out with the impossible, it is impossible! ;) But after much RESTRAINT and chanting those 3 little words, I CREATED SOMETHING CLEAN & SIMPLE! I am still in shock!
Of course, I had to break the rules a little! It was a nearly impossible challenge, as I mentioned before. And the only way I was getting it to work was to use this calming DSP. Now how do you find an image you already own that goes seamlessly with this paper??? Well, I got to thinking about a saying or phrase I could use...Thank You is perfect...clean & simple right? Yup!

So thanks to my handy dandy lap top, I used charcoal ink and printed the phrase on SU! cs. I found some coordinating SU! paper, ribbon and a button I cut off a coat of mine that I threw out last year due to a hole from a rake. Perfect match, clean & simple :)

I so love this card and feel that every element on this work of art contributes to its success. It is just as it needs to be, clean & simple! LOVE IT!
Winks & Wishes

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge

Well, I was so excited blogging about getting my Mojo back, that I missed the dead line for Dawn McVeys Raspberry Suite Color Challenge! :( That's ok! It was TOUGH this week! Took me a while to figure it out, and though it's done, I'm still not 100% happy with it.

As you can see from here ad, she loves bright colors & photography. She gives great beginners tips on photographing people. It will take your family vacation snap shots to the next level...now if I could only get the hang of photographing my creations!

I CASED this layout from my bestest friend Camille! She gave me the most perfect birthday card! Thank you Camille! The sketch is great if you need to incorporate MANY colors as in Dawns challenge. I used Garden Green, Real Read, Pixie Pink, Basic Black, Going Grey and Whisper White. Inks are Garden Green, Real Red, Pixie Pink. I didn't have the gray ink so I used my Color Wonder Crayons in Charcoal. Ink probably would have given me a more saturated print, but sometimes you do what ya havta do!

Keeping with the SU! theme I used Baroque Motif, a FAV of mine I don't use nearly enough! The ribbon is not SU!...don't remember what it is actually! The card size is on the small size..again I like things that are different. It measures 3 3/4" X 5 1/2". I like to call it Fun Size :)

I have so much to post! Cant wait to share even MORE!
Winks & Wishes~

Last Weeks Mojo, Jewelry Color, & CPS sketch

Ok, Now I know I'm a week late. I have a good REASON! (no excuses here, only REASONS lol!) So here it goes:

Um. well I forgot, but I know it was good! LOL~ Oh yeah...I remember my DH was too-da-ling around on his dirt bike and pancaked it. Yep! That was it! It's all coming back to me now. 5 or so hours in the ER, yep remember that. No broken bones...check! Bruised entire left side of his body, Check! Check! Check! Yep! I REMEMBER~! Yea me! So here's my entries for last week. I made this super cute poem for my daughter's Valentine's Day card exchange years ago. It sprang to mind when I saw the colors from Stacy's Jewelry Color Inspiration challenge. Though the colors she suggested were Kiwi Kiss, Yoyo Yellow, and P-something Pink, I improvised and used Certainly Celery, Pretty in Pink and Yoyo Yellow.
The poem is:
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Lemons were sour
Till I met
Yep, came up with that one all on my own! Can you believe it???

And anytime I get to use my Big Shot it's a marvelous day! AND I used it several times in this Mojo sketch. I love MoJo...I hope I have time this week to get the sketch done! Time will tell!This was a sketch from CPS. I love it's simplicity. I am one of those stampers who LOVES to embellish. And layer. And crimp, wrinkle, glitter, button, fray, antique....you get the picture!

I love this sketch because it is a very long card. It's measurements are 3 1/2" X 8 1/2". Unusual. I like that...I'm a little unusual! :)

I'm fighting with my camera tonight. Pictures seem a little fuzzy...hum...will work on that tomorrow! But for now, enjoy!
Winks & Wishes!


I know! I KNOW! FINALLY I have found my Mojo! No, not a MoJo challenge. I did do last weeks, but with an accident in the family, and the holiday weekend I didn't have time to post it. I'll add it though as it's a super cute card!

So this is one of my fav challenges, Jewelry Color Inspiration by Stacy. I just LOVE her blog! If you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time! So much information on it and if you LOVE jewelry, then Stacy's challenge is a MUST!

The colors this week are very fall like to me. And I love the organic feel of the Real Rust & Mustard beads. This necklace is so me! And only mother nature could put Perfectly Plum, More Mustard, and Real Rust together with such harmony! Who would have thunk?!

I did double duty again. I found another great blog, CPS Card Positioning Systems. They have a sketch that you can use and post on their blog. It's fun, no matter what blog, sketch, or challenge you try, to see every ones interpretation. The creativity that flows from each artist is inspiring!

I hope you enjoy this card. It was good to get back in the swing of things again!

Winks & Wishes
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