Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Though today is Tuesday, all day I have thought it was Monday!  First, I was late to class.  Only 10 minutes so truly not bad...read on!  Secondly, I forgot my hair appointment.  I realized that about 30 minutes later.  And finally, to top off my day, I missed the trash guy because I went to set the trash out today, thinking it's Monday, only he came yesterday!  A whole 24 hours late!  These days off are really nice, for those of you who can handle them! :)

For this card, I seem to be stuck in fall.  I am so enjoying earthy colors and falling leaves.  We have about 3-4 inches, maybe more, of snow on the ground.  One would think that after a month of the white stuff I would be diving into summery blues, reds, and yellows!  Nope!  I'll stick with SU!'s earth elements, and PTI's terracotta tile!  I tried my best to add pinks to the mix this time.  I do like it, but I dont LOVE it.  That's ok.  You can't LOVE every project.

Don't you hate when you start to write about the deets and realize, you havent a clue what they are!  Ok, lets think. 
Papers:  Choc. Chip, Close to Coco, Bravo Burg. Very Vanilla, Rose Red.
Stamps:  Print Pattern, French Script, Le Jardin Botanique
Markers:  a mix of Copics & SU!
I think I just impressed myself lol~

Winks & Wishes!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Punched Flowers

Hello All!

Today I finally got around to making Punched Flowers!  I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE them!  And they are easy peasy to make.  Yes!  We will be making them at the February camp so no worries that you're gonna miss out on one single thing honey!

In this card I used Dawn McVey's method of making punched cards with buttons.  I just love them...did I say that AGAIN?!  Ok, so I used SU!'s scalloped circle, 1" circle, 3/4" square and their boarder punch. 
I found an old book at the SalVal with pretty yellowed pages (kinds smelled so I punched the "petals" and let them air out on a paper towel)  After they were refreshed, I used Creamy Carmel to further age them.  For the centers, I used another fav, Papertrey Ink's buttons.  (oh how I should do a card themed around my favorite things!)

As many of you know I also love to participate in sketch challenges.  I was so caught up in making my little flowers that I created this card all on my own!  I know!  With out any help!  One of the reasons I love to participate in sketch challenges is because they give you the layout.  Most of the sketch challenges I participate in are well designed...a good indicator of a well designed sketch is weather or not it comes together easily.  If not, and you fidget and fret 4-ever on it, it's probably not a well thought out sketch.  I ENCOURAGE you to step out of the sketch box!  I'm sure you will be more pleased and will have more success when you do!  Go ahead...take the leap!

Now, something else ya'll may or may not know is I have a BFA from a design school in Chicago, one of my fav cities ever!  While I love how quick this card came together, my designers eye is a lil twitchy...I have happily ever after married my design theory to the 1/3+1/3+1/3 rule and yes the Golden rule aka the Golden Triangle.  If you know either of those, your eye is a lil twitchy too! :)  Hopefully in furture posts, I will have the opportunity to further explain these theorys.  For now, here are couple quick tips I use EVERY DAY!

 1. graduate the size of the focal point in a cluster.
    This creates interest.
2.  Keep it A symeterical, and odd numbered. 

3.  Use repitition of the same focal point.  (3 mirros on the wall, 3 flowers on a project)(I must admit, I have 9 mirros on my wall!)
     The repitition creates a more modern, clean, & simple finished project.

4. Less is more when using a modern sketch.  I have a really, REALLY, hard following this rule. 

5. Daddy Bear, Momma Bear, & Baby Bear.
   Graduate patterened papers large, medium, and small.  The patterns will not compete with one another if the scale of the patterns are graduated in size.  Use this rule when quilting too!

So there are some tips I use all the time...yes, all the time.  Think it's because I'm in desigern mode 24/7.  I hope you find them helpful!  Let me know what one if you fav or if you have a fav rule, share it with me!
Winks & Wishes!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


January seems the perfect time to do the "TRIPPLE D's" (diet, decluter, detox), its also the perfect time to evaluate your stampin supplies! This is prime SALE time for SU!. If you didnt know, for every $50 you spend in January, February, and March, you will receive a FREE stamp set from the Sale-a-bration catty! I know...$50 seems like alot. Look at it this way..

1. Organize that cardstock!

Note what you are low on, what colors you have had on your wish list, or what colors you need to complete a color family. Do the same for inks. Order what you are missing and earn a FREE stamp set!

If you order 4 inks, and 5 pkgs of card stock(cs) you will earn 1 free stamp set and you will be stocked up on supplies! Ready for a whole new year of stampin!

2. Beating yourself up because you dont have the punches you want?

Order 1 3/8" Circle
1 1/4" Circle
1" Circle
1/2" Circle
Pop up glue dots

And earn the Designer Series paper pad FREE! OR the Scallop trim boarder punch FREE! (both from the SAB catty)

3. Are the memories from Christmas already starting to fade?
Don't let that happen!

Order 1 6X6 Scrap book (Real Red $19.95 pg. 203)
          1 Christmas Jingle Simply Scrappin Kit ($19.95 pg. 165)
          1 Craft archival quality stamp pad Chocolate Chip ($7.50)
          1 Stamp & write marker Real Red ($3.50 pg. 156)
Earn the matching stamp set Tree Trimmings FREE! (pg. 28)

So as you can see there are lots of ways to earn a FREE stamp set!  Plus who know's what's on your wish list!  You may even earn 2, 3 or more!  To see the SALE-A-BRATION catty, click here!

Camille and I are going to switch things up a little and move the dates to TUESDAYS!  Yes, Tuesdays!  So Tuesday, February 2nd will be the FIRST SALE-A-BRATION camp.  We will hold another, and final SALE-A-BRATION camp in March.(date yet to be determined ). 
Don't forget to RSVP!  Let us know if you can attend!  Or if you would like your very own private camp with a group of your best gal pals, let us know and we would be happy to accomodate!

Winks & Wishes!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Why is it that every post I start out with Ok, or So?  Can you tell I have to explain ALOT in my house? 

So, yes here it is again, I thought I would put a little bug in ya'lls ear about Sale-A-Bration!!! Guess I yelled that huh:)  Yep!  Stampin' Up!'s biggest sale of the year started a day or two ago!  And they now have CLEAR MOUNTED stamp sets!!!!!!  I just want to shout that from the top of my snowy, Christmas lit roof!!

And to beat, I found a super great tutorial on how to mount and prepare you clear mounted stamp sets!  I can't wait to get mine!  So jealous that I have to wait!  Mary Fish has the cuttest little blog I've seen in a long time!  She has made a video and posted it to YouTube.  Here is a link to her blog!  Check out her stamping studio!  Amazing what she has done with a hall way!

To see a copy of the Sale-A-Bration catty, click here

Come back and visit me.  I'll be posting new Stamp Camp Dates!
Wins & Wishes!

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's January....and Julie & Julia

Ok, so it's January 4th and the kids are back to school, and I soon will follow.  What to do in my few short days left before everything gets back to "routine"...?  Many of my friends are posting about detoxing, decluttering, and dieting.  I could use all 3 of those! lol~  So here are a couple things I'm going to put at the top of my to do list for the next 7 days:

1.  cut out hot coco!  My one true vice! I drink it all year long, which explaines why I've gained so much weight!
2.  orgnize all my cs.  Man!  Don't know if 7 days is enough time!  Any tips on how to orgnize 12x12's?
3.  Take down all my trees.  Yes all 8 or 9 of them...I've lost count and bought 2 more at the Target 75% off sale~! GEEZZZZZ!
4.  Do the MoJoMonday sketch
5.  Do the Sweetest Thing Sunday Sketch...which isnt up yet so that can be moved further down the list lol~
6.  Use the eliptical, though I HATE IT, for 15minutes twice a day.  I can do that! Right?
And finally
 #7. stick to the  list!

I watched Julie & Julia and like many, could totally relate to starting something and never finishing it.  The last think I actuall started with purpose and finished was my BFA in 2006.  One of my most proud moments in life (right up there with my babies & hubby).  I have set out for a much larger goal for the next 3 years of my life, my MFA, ED.  And while the above list is small and confined to 7 days, the movie made me realize I need smaller goals that are easier to acheive.  I can use those success, or failures, to help me take the next steps to the bigger picture. 

And I like Julie in her blog, wonder if there is anyone out there in blog land.  I'm sure there is, as I have fav blogs I frequent. So, if you stop and visit, leave me a note.  Let me know about your successes and failures in life and cs orgnization lol~  You, like me, are not alone! ;)

Winks & Wishes,
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