Thursday, January 14, 2010

Punched Flowers

Hello All!

Today I finally got around to making Punched Flowers!  I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE them!  And they are easy peasy to make.  Yes!  We will be making them at the February camp so no worries that you're gonna miss out on one single thing honey!

In this card I used Dawn McVey's method of making punched cards with buttons.  I just love them...did I say that AGAIN?!  Ok, so I used SU!'s scalloped circle, 1" circle, 3/4" square and their boarder punch. 
I found an old book at the SalVal with pretty yellowed pages (kinds smelled so I punched the "petals" and let them air out on a paper towel)  After they were refreshed, I used Creamy Carmel to further age them.  For the centers, I used another fav, Papertrey Ink's buttons.  (oh how I should do a card themed around my favorite things!)

As many of you know I also love to participate in sketch challenges.  I was so caught up in making my little flowers that I created this card all on my own!  I know!  With out any help!  One of the reasons I love to participate in sketch challenges is because they give you the layout.  Most of the sketch challenges I participate in are well designed...a good indicator of a well designed sketch is weather or not it comes together easily.  If not, and you fidget and fret 4-ever on it, it's probably not a well thought out sketch.  I ENCOURAGE you to step out of the sketch box!  I'm sure you will be more pleased and will have more success when you do!  Go ahead...take the leap!

Now, something else ya'll may or may not know is I have a BFA from a design school in Chicago, one of my fav cities ever!  While I love how quick this card came together, my designers eye is a lil twitchy...I have happily ever after married my design theory to the 1/3+1/3+1/3 rule and yes the Golden rule aka the Golden Triangle.  If you know either of those, your eye is a lil twitchy too! :)  Hopefully in furture posts, I will have the opportunity to further explain these theorys.  For now, here are couple quick tips I use EVERY DAY!

 1. graduate the size of the focal point in a cluster.
    This creates interest.
2.  Keep it A symeterical, and odd numbered. 

3.  Use repitition of the same focal point.  (3 mirros on the wall, 3 flowers on a project)(I must admit, I have 9 mirros on my wall!)
     The repitition creates a more modern, clean, & simple finished project.

4. Less is more when using a modern sketch.  I have a really, REALLY, hard following this rule. 

5. Daddy Bear, Momma Bear, & Baby Bear.
   Graduate patterened papers large, medium, and small.  The patterns will not compete with one another if the scale of the patterns are graduated in size.  Use this rule when quilting too!

So there are some tips I use all the time...yes, all the time.  Think it's because I'm in desigern mode 24/7.  I hope you find them helpful!  Let me know what one if you fav or if you have a fav rule, share it with me!
Winks & Wishes!

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