Friday, July 24, 2009

Helllllooooooooo There!

Ok, so I have been totally missing for a while now. Summer has passed me by while I look out the window and wonder where the warm weather has been?... In addition, I had to take a J.O.B. Yes! A J.O.B! So in addition to everything else I do, I now work a the local bank. Which really is good as I will never work an evening or Sunday!

It amazes me how little time I now have to get all my stuff done. In addition to my new work schedule, Trav was going to a football camp at NCC (an hour from our home) last week. Twice a day I would make the trek! What a time sucker! Luckily, a couple trips were avoided as my SUPER GREAT neighbor took him! This week hasn't been much better as my Bitty Girl has had Hot U and I've been taking her to another SUPER GREAT friend at 7:00 in the morning! (Bitty Girl is SO not a morning person!)

What means the most to me is still right here, it simply takes the stage when it comes to other things that are not as important. I love my babies more than the air I breath and because of this, I needed to get a J.O.B to help out. Funny thing, now I need more help than ever just to keep up. And fall sports haven't even started yet. I know God will provide. Faith is a life saver!

So that's what I've been up to. Work, kids, more work, laundry, groceries (btw, Jewel is NOT open 24 hrs on Peace Rd. They are only open till Midnight!), and sleep somewhere in there!

My apologies for not posting some great cards I actually do have done. Maybe next week I'll get them up. I have to decide if posting them is more beneficial (as soon as they are done) or if making another is the better route to take. I always pick to make more:)

Baby Natalie's shower is in the near future. No the quilt is not finished. I hope to work on that next week...hope is the key word here :) I have to have it finished by the 26th, so let's all PRAY! lol~

Hope that updates you all with the goings on in my life. Would be great to hear from you too soon!

Winks & Wishes!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mystical Magic 30 Second Box

SO, just what is exactly The Mystical Magic 30 Second Box??? Stay tuned for more information!
I'll post after the camp tonight!

Winks & Wishes
The Mystical Magical Christie :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stamp Camp! FRIDAY!

Hello Campers!

No need for bug spray, sleeping bag, and leaky tent. Just bring your snail or other adhesive cause it's STAMP CAMP!
Here's the details!

Where: My house

When: FRIDAY 7:00 or if you can make it, 6:30


We will be using the New In Colors! Arnt they pretty! I LOVE Sued! We are going to make 2 cards and one picture holder. Yep! picture holder. You'll have to come or wait till I post it to see it!
Cant wait to see ya'll~!
Winks & Wishes,

The Paris Market

While on my girls trip to Savannah & Hilton Head I asked a good friend of mine what I should do. As I had 5 hours between the time my friends needed to be at the air port and when I needed to be there. Reese gave me SEVERAL suggestions, and though I had visited Savannah previously, this time was different.

I was alone. Yes, all by my lonesome...not a chance! I LOVED it! I only wished my gal pals could have stayed and walked the squares, markets, eaten pie, and sipped sweet tea with me! Next time I hope they will join me on my adventure.

Reese made mention of The Paris Market. I LOVE Paris, though I've never been there. Truth be told, I love any where new. It's all such and adventure and I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to seeing and trying new things!
Back to the Paris Market...So much stuff and all I had was my beach bag. My bestest friend E took my carry on as I would have had to lug it around all day all over Savannah. Not fun, and E knows I LOVE to go and do and see and get the picture. So I had this small beach bag with my jacket, small blanket for the chilly plane ride home, my camera which I almost NEVER leave home with out, and my purse. So shopping was going to be either small, or pay to have it shipped. I hate to ship stuff when you are right there, so I opted for small, easy to transport.

And what a great small easy to transport find I FOUND! Check these out! These are place card holders that are also napkin rings! LOVE IT! And though I do love to dress my table to the Nines for guests, my first thought for these beauties was CARD HOLDERS! Don't you just LOVE them too??? If you love them as much as me, you can buy them online at The Paris Market.

I also brought home some other small treasures. Sea shells, millions of pictures, blisters on my feet, and I think I gained 5 pounds. And it was all worth every second of it!
Winks & Wishes

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clean & Simple...just keep saying that!

I had to laugh when stumbled across this blog! Clean & Simple. So NOT me. I'm so NOT...well organized is a better word than "clean". And simple...nothing simple about this country girl trapped in a sub burb of Chicago! lol~

When I went into my studio, I just kept saying clean & simple, clean & simple, clean & simple. And you know, when you start out with the impossible, it is impossible! ;) But after much RESTRAINT and chanting those 3 little words, I CREATED SOMETHING CLEAN & SIMPLE! I am still in shock!
Of course, I had to break the rules a little! It was a nearly impossible challenge, as I mentioned before. And the only way I was getting it to work was to use this calming DSP. Now how do you find an image you already own that goes seamlessly with this paper??? Well, I got to thinking about a saying or phrase I could use...Thank You is perfect...clean & simple right? Yup!

So thanks to my handy dandy lap top, I used charcoal ink and printed the phrase on SU! cs. I found some coordinating SU! paper, ribbon and a button I cut off a coat of mine that I threw out last year due to a hole from a rake. Perfect match, clean & simple :)

I so love this card and feel that every element on this work of art contributes to its success. It is just as it needs to be, clean & simple! LOVE IT!
Winks & Wishes

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge

Well, I was so excited blogging about getting my Mojo back, that I missed the dead line for Dawn McVeys Raspberry Suite Color Challenge! :( That's ok! It was TOUGH this week! Took me a while to figure it out, and though it's done, I'm still not 100% happy with it.

As you can see from here ad, she loves bright colors & photography. She gives great beginners tips on photographing people. It will take your family vacation snap shots to the next if I could only get the hang of photographing my creations!

I CASED this layout from my bestest friend Camille! She gave me the most perfect birthday card! Thank you Camille! The sketch is great if you need to incorporate MANY colors as in Dawns challenge. I used Garden Green, Real Read, Pixie Pink, Basic Black, Going Grey and Whisper White. Inks are Garden Green, Real Red, Pixie Pink. I didn't have the gray ink so I used my Color Wonder Crayons in Charcoal. Ink probably would have given me a more saturated print, but sometimes you do what ya havta do!

Keeping with the SU! theme I used Baroque Motif, a FAV of mine I don't use nearly enough! The ribbon is not SU!...don't remember what it is actually! The card size is on the small size..again I like things that are different. It measures 3 3/4" X 5 1/2". I like to call it Fun Size :)

I have so much to post! Cant wait to share even MORE!
Winks & Wishes~

Last Weeks Mojo, Jewelry Color, & CPS sketch

Ok, Now I know I'm a week late. I have a good REASON! (no excuses here, only REASONS lol!) So here it goes:

Um. well I forgot, but I know it was good! LOL~ Oh yeah...I remember my DH was too-da-ling around on his dirt bike and pancaked it. Yep! That was it! It's all coming back to me now. 5 or so hours in the ER, yep remember that. No broken bones...check! Bruised entire left side of his body, Check! Check! Check! Yep! I REMEMBER~! Yea me! So here's my entries for last week. I made this super cute poem for my daughter's Valentine's Day card exchange years ago. It sprang to mind when I saw the colors from Stacy's Jewelry Color Inspiration challenge. Though the colors she suggested were Kiwi Kiss, Yoyo Yellow, and P-something Pink, I improvised and used Certainly Celery, Pretty in Pink and Yoyo Yellow.
The poem is:
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Lemons were sour
Till I met
Yep, came up with that one all on my own! Can you believe it???

And anytime I get to use my Big Shot it's a marvelous day! AND I used it several times in this Mojo sketch. I love MoJo...I hope I have time this week to get the sketch done! Time will tell!This was a sketch from CPS. I love it's simplicity. I am one of those stampers who LOVES to embellish. And layer. And crimp, wrinkle, glitter, button, fray, get the picture!

I love this sketch because it is a very long card. It's measurements are 3 1/2" X 8 1/2". Unusual. I like that...I'm a little unusual! :)

I'm fighting with my camera tonight. Pictures seem a little fuzzy...hum...will work on that tomorrow! But for now, enjoy!
Winks & Wishes!


I know! I KNOW! FINALLY I have found my Mojo! No, not a MoJo challenge. I did do last weeks, but with an accident in the family, and the holiday weekend I didn't have time to post it. I'll add it though as it's a super cute card!

So this is one of my fav challenges, Jewelry Color Inspiration by Stacy. I just LOVE her blog! If you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time! So much information on it and if you LOVE jewelry, then Stacy's challenge is a MUST!

The colors this week are very fall like to me. And I love the organic feel of the Real Rust & Mustard beads. This necklace is so me! And only mother nature could put Perfectly Plum, More Mustard, and Real Rust together with such harmony! Who would have thunk?!

I did double duty again. I found another great blog, CPS Card Positioning Systems. They have a sketch that you can use and post on their blog. It's fun, no matter what blog, sketch, or challenge you try, to see every ones interpretation. The creativity that flows from each artist is inspiring!

I hope you enjoy this card. It was good to get back in the swing of things again!

Winks & Wishes
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