Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Paris Market

While on my girls trip to Savannah & Hilton Head I asked a good friend of mine what I should do. As I had 5 hours between the time my friends needed to be at the air port and when I needed to be there. Reese gave me SEVERAL suggestions, and though I had visited Savannah previously, this time was different.

I was alone. Yes, all by my lonesome...not a chance! I LOVED it! I only wished my gal pals could have stayed and walked the squares, markets, eaten pie, and sipped sweet tea with me! Next time I hope they will join me on my adventure.

Reese made mention of The Paris Market. I LOVE Paris, though I've never been there. Truth be told, I love any where new. It's all such and adventure and I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to seeing and trying new things!
Back to the Paris Market...So much stuff and all I had was my beach bag. My bestest friend E took my carry on as I would have had to lug it around all day all over Savannah. Not fun, and E knows I LOVE to go and do and see and get the picture. So I had this small beach bag with my jacket, small blanket for the chilly plane ride home, my camera which I almost NEVER leave home with out, and my purse. So shopping was going to be either small, or pay to have it shipped. I hate to ship stuff when you are right there, so I opted for small, easy to transport.

And what a great small easy to transport find I FOUND! Check these out! These are place card holders that are also napkin rings! LOVE IT! And though I do love to dress my table to the Nines for guests, my first thought for these beauties was CARD HOLDERS! Don't you just LOVE them too??? If you love them as much as me, you can buy them online at The Paris Market.

I also brought home some other small treasures. Sea shells, millions of pictures, blisters on my feet, and I think I gained 5 pounds. And it was all worth every second of it!
Winks & Wishes

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  1. lovely pictures! And what an awesome idea using those place card holders to display your gorgeous cards........gonna have to try that!
    thanks for sharing!


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