Friday, July 24, 2009

Helllllooooooooo There!

Ok, so I have been totally missing for a while now. Summer has passed me by while I look out the window and wonder where the warm weather has been?... In addition, I had to take a J.O.B. Yes! A J.O.B! So in addition to everything else I do, I now work a the local bank. Which really is good as I will never work an evening or Sunday!

It amazes me how little time I now have to get all my stuff done. In addition to my new work schedule, Trav was going to a football camp at NCC (an hour from our home) last week. Twice a day I would make the trek! What a time sucker! Luckily, a couple trips were avoided as my SUPER GREAT neighbor took him! This week hasn't been much better as my Bitty Girl has had Hot U and I've been taking her to another SUPER GREAT friend at 7:00 in the morning! (Bitty Girl is SO not a morning person!)

What means the most to me is still right here, it simply takes the stage when it comes to other things that are not as important. I love my babies more than the air I breath and because of this, I needed to get a J.O.B to help out. Funny thing, now I need more help than ever just to keep up. And fall sports haven't even started yet. I know God will provide. Faith is a life saver!

So that's what I've been up to. Work, kids, more work, laundry, groceries (btw, Jewel is NOT open 24 hrs on Peace Rd. They are only open till Midnight!), and sleep somewhere in there!

My apologies for not posting some great cards I actually do have done. Maybe next week I'll get them up. I have to decide if posting them is more beneficial (as soon as they are done) or if making another is the better route to take. I always pick to make more:)

Baby Natalie's shower is in the near future. No the quilt is not finished. I hope to work on that next week...hope is the key word here :) I have to have it finished by the 26th, so let's all PRAY! lol~

Hope that updates you all with the goings on in my life. Would be great to hear from you too soon!

Winks & Wishes!

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