Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Celebration

My sister is due to have her first bundle of joy on September 7. Ironical that is Labor Day! ;) Don't think she will last that long, so we (my other sister and I) have decided to have a Baby Celebration a few weeks after her due date. Hopefully the baby won't fool us all and show up in October!

Here are 2 Baby celebration Invites I have designed for her. Let me know what one you like best!

My sister has always loved butterflies, so I added a cute little one on the foot card. I further embellished the card by adding one of my fav accessories, a flat pearl.

This card isn't as I was informed she didn't want anything cutesy. Don't know if this fits the bill or not...but I like it too. Just a different option.

Natalie, as of today and yesterday, is going to be her name. I hope she has blond ringlets and the brightest blue eyes as that would make the cutest baby! (of course out side of my two lol~)

So what one do you like better???? Can't wait to see who likes what!

Winks & Wishes,


  1. I love them both, I think I like the feet because of the butterfly but love the ribbon on the other one. What are we going to say on the inside??

  2. I can't make up my mind!! I love them both!!


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