Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have so much to share with you!  Since I've not posted since the Christmas Camp, I guess I should start there!

Christmas Camp was a HUGE success!  Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves stamping, chatting, & snacking!  The projects were fun, and some were a little more challenging than others but fun was had by all!  And it's always good to have a little challenge now and then!  Oh I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the bags and projects everyone brought in!  They were GREAT!  So unique and really pushed the envelop!  I felt like such a proud mother lol!  Time flew by so quickly that day!  Maybe we will have another HUGE camp at Sell-a-bration! 

The November camp is NEXT WEEK!  NOVEMBER 4TH~  My house, 7:00.  Where has the time gone to?  I must admit though, I am so excited about this camp too!  I have 2 great ornament projects to share with you and Camille has a beautiful fall card perfect for the quickly approaching Thanksgiving holiday!  Don't forget to RSVP!  Here is a list of items you will need to bring to this camp:  snail, 2 sided sticky tape, or other adhesive & if you have a Fiskers cutter/scorer you'll need that too.  We will be making another rosette!  (see snowflake pic?  Yep!  We're making that!) Cost: $5

December is right around the corner, and with holiday parties, family gatherings, and the REAL reason for the Season, Christ's birth!  We don't want you to forget the December Camp!  Camille will be hosting this event in her beautiful home!  Not to out shine the projects, but... Camilles home is decorated from top to bottom with all the bells and whistles!  She adds her magical Christmas touch in every room!  If you arent in the Christmas spirit when you get there, you surely will be before you leave!  We will email directions directly to your email and they will be available to pick up at the November camp. 

Also, January is a buy month...yeah I've been picking up my football guys lingo! lol~  January is a no camp month.  Camille and I like to take January to spend time with our families, catch up on cleaning, and catch our breath!  Because Sell-a-bration is right around the corner!  That dosent mean the blog will go slient...or at least I hope not!  I will post information about up coming camps, projects, and other fun stuff I find!  So be sure to check back!

So that's the news!  Hope to see you next week!
Winks & Wishes

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  1. I love that rosette ornament... what a great idea Christie!


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