Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry CHRISTmass & Happy New Year!

So it's been quite a while since my last post...guesst ime has gotten away from me with birthdays, CHRISTmas, family & friend gettogethers, and the joys of being a working mom!

I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures that I have taken so far this season.  I was so sad to see how FEW I actually took at my sisters!  Next year I will have to remember to put in extra, extra batteries!  Seems like I go thru thoes like 2 sided sticky tape! lol~
These are my beautiful children!  Candace is so photogenic while Trav likes to hide!  Someday I'll get a good pic of him :)   

Just between the two of us, I think she will be bald for many years!  Poor baby Girl!  She's so sweet and her personality is really starting to shine!  I wish I lived closer so I could see her more often!  It is amazing how fast she is growing!

This is a photo of a few of my bestest friends!  We went out for dinner and small gift exchange and let me tell you!  Everyone in the resturant knew we were there!  Many other dining parties gave us best wishes and a lifetime of friendship!  One guy even took our picture for us! So thoughtful!  I must admit, it was one of my highlites this holiday season!
So there is a story of why my dear friend C got a rusty looking, but not really rusty, dutch oven for her gift.  C collects Guardianware and had been looking for the dutch oven for a long time.  One early Sunday, my friend J and I went to the county flea market and stumbled upon this fine treasure! So, we bartered and after a few hours of letting the vendor ponder, we got it!  C was so surprised!      To add to the story, I needed to cook 3 turkeys for Thanksgiving.  I was using my roaster, & E's roaster and thought I would use my smaller dutch oven (with no lid).  So it was Thanksgiving eve and I was preping all the birds only to find the last turkey was too large to fit in my small d.o.!  What was I going to do!  I had to cook this last bird, but it would'nt fit in anything I had!  So, I washed up the good ol Gaurdianware d.o. and let me tell you, that turkey was FANTASTIC!  What a funny story to share with my friends over dinner!

J (holding the framed pic) is so full of life and has a song, AND knows all the words to every song you could ever imagine!  She always brings a smile to my face, no matter how down I am!  I made this sparkly, bright little, or actually large ornament for J.  It was so cute and fit J's personality to a T!  Bright, shiny, sparkly, PINK (she's always looking or wearing something pink!) and a JOY in my life!
This is E.  So smart, caring, and ever so purposeful, if that is such a word.    When you think a good steward, E would be the picture perfect person!  And as a mother of 2 teenage boys, so there is little girly time for her.  This is a super cute necklace C got her for CHRISTmas.  What was even more funny was, C got all of us necklaces this year, and knowing us all so well, each of us could have worn the necklaces she bought us that night as they matched what we were wearing!

I could ramble on and on about my wonderful CHRISTmas this year!  As you can see I have been quite busy and I hope that makes up for not posting much, or at all these past few weeks! :)

There will be a few posts coming up as I would love to share the gifts I made my friends for CHRISTmas!  They are so cute, easy, and fun!
Winks & Wishes!

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