Monday, June 8, 2009

Me & Bitty Girl

Quilts are as much a part of me as the blood that runs thru my viens. I can remember my mother filling sacks full of scraps from our clothes to take to my grandmothers for her to quilt. The stories of love, heartache, births, and marriages were just a sprinkling of conversations my mom would have while visiting with my grandmother.

My grandmother would often scold my mother for not quilting. She would say "what a waste all the scraps you have from sewing 5 kids clothes! You otta be a shamed of yourself!" I can still see my grandmother shaking her finger at my mom while my mom rolled her eyes.

It's not that my mom didnt try quilting. It's that when you have 5 kids, you dont have much time for anything other than cooking, cleaning, switching (in todays terms, spaking), and the always present laundry.

My mom passed November 2007. She never truly had the opportunity to quilt and besides, when you have a mother who is by far the worlds best quilter, why do you need to learn? lol~ Sure she gave it a try. But, just like me, my mom always had to pick the most difficult quilt for a first try. She pretty much gave up just after a square or two.

Bitty Girl, my daughter, has been itchin to sew. Sew anything...pj's, pot holders, you name it shes willing to try it just to get her hands on my sewing machine!

My sister is having a baby girl this September. I'd love to surprise her with a quilt, I'll keep you updated on how that goes:)

So I bought a kit with perfectly matching fabrics and INSTRUCTIONS. It seemed easy enough, till my Bitty Girl decided it was the most perfect time to learn to sew. Truly, it was great! She did an awesome job...till we matched up all the squares. It's alittle off, but beautiful for a first try.

Now that I have that one under my belt, I'm ready to give it a real shot. I'll post more pictures later of how it turns out:)

Winks & Wishes,

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  1. I wish I knew how to sew....I'm afraid of my mother in laws sewing machine!!! I swear I think it'll get up and walk away when I press that peddle!!!


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