Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Girls Trip 2009

After much deliberation, rearranging, finagling, worrying, and excitement I finally purchased my ticket for the 1st Annual Girls Trip! And here's how the story goes!

We went to a destination wedding, swam with dolphins, had an all access pass to the set of the New Hannah Montana Movie, had a birds eye view of Hilton Head beach from the most amazing sky deck. As my friends left to catch their flight to Atlanta, I walked along the haunted and historic places in the most beautiful city, Savannah. My friends LOVED Atlanta so much they decided to extend their trip an extra day. And as I left this beautiful place from my cozy aircraft I gently fell asleep and dreamt of my return.

Isn't this the most incredible vacation???!! Ok, so here's the real story :)

There was a wedding on the beach, so pretty-we just happened to be there! Dolphins swam in the distance as we frolicked in the ocean. How cool for us Northern Illinois girls! We went to the same beach, that new movie Hannah Montanan is making, though we only were able to see the heavy equipment, bathrooms, and set. Sorry! No Hannah Montana!:(
We did have a birds eye view of Hilton Head as we climbed the 178 stairs of the oldest, tallest Light House in South Carolina, and it was amazing! Yes! Me who is TERRIFIED of heights made it to the top!

I walked all but 3 of the squares in Historic Savannah and have tons of pictures & blisters on my feet! I'm an architectural junkie so I was so at home there! My friends did leave to catch their flight a few hours before mine, but they are still stuck waiting on a flight! :( Atlanta airport is awful! Nice people though!

My flight was cancelled, so I was sent to Hilton Head Airport 45 minutes before my flight was to leave in this tiny 2 prop plane that road like a 4-wheeler on a washboard road! Luckily, I made it home safe and sound this morning around 2:20. (yes a.m.)

This was a trip I will NEVER forget! I spent time with a hand full of my nearest and dearest friends, relaxed, ate sushi (YEA YELAX), and did one of the things on my bucket list. Returned to Savannah to stroll the streets enjoying one of the things I love most in life, design.

Winks & Wishes


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