Friday, January 9, 2009

Super Bowl 2009!

Hello All!

So! Who's going to the Super Bowl? Travis says the STEELERS! He's been a fan since birth I think. Somethin about being born on the east coast and living in PA that has a strong hold on him. Not to mention his fav colors, black and gold. LETS GO SPARTINS!

Weather your watchin for the half time show of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, or actually watchin the game, don't forget to bring one of my famous BUFFALO CHICKEN CHEESECAKES! It starts with grilled all white meat chicken spiced with a secret blackening seasoning. Then I slather on my buffalo sauce. The seasoned chicken is then folded into the cake along with garlic, onion, and other spices and herbs. After a nice bake in the oven, it is then topped with a blend of the seasoned chicken, blue cheese, buffalo sauce, and bacon. Cause everything is better with bacon! Now tell me your NOT droolin?!

If you're like me and enjoy somethin sweet, please that cravin with one of my Gourmet sweet varieties! With an incredible selection of flavors, your sure to please even the most particular eaters in the group. And don't forget they're GREAT for Valentines Day. All cute and HEART shaped! (Not to mention quite YUMMY!)

Superbowl orders must be placed by January 30th. If your lookin to give a little somethin sweet to your sweetie, call me by February 11th.


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