Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Jules

My good friend Julie has the same birthday as my sister who passed 8 years ago...seems like yesterday at times, while at other times it feels as if she's still just a phone call away.  So anyway!  Jules birthday was looming over head and I do so love her, but could she have picked different day to be born????!!! lol~  We went shopping a week before and we found this baking dish that matches her china!  What a find!  First, because it was her long ago retired pattern.  Secondly because it was a 9X13 baker??!!  As some of you know, I am the best shopper when it comes to finding that strange thing-a-ma-jig you once remembered from your grandmothers house in Oklahoma or where ever your grandmother's from!  I've gotten steals on Guardian Service Ware, long ago retired china, chairs, tables, hutches, jewelry, crystal, and even a chandelier! My designers eye provides me the ability to see the hidden gems in the mist of all the junk.

So I've had her gift, and her birthday came and went...I called her and wished her the best day and joked that I hadn't gotten her gift wrapped (I now have had the baker for 2 weeks! shame on me!)  She laughed and said to give it to her for Christmas..she's so funny and knows how hard that day is for me.

If I had to sum up Jules personality into one word it would be, well...I can't in one word!  But she's always singing a song with a smile on her face, and her bright blue eyes sparkling with love and laughter.  And she knows every word to every song you throw at her, but one.  One year, I got her!  You've seen those singing cards.  The ones that have songs from the 50's that are big band, and loud, and have got a beat that you can just picture yourself swing dancing to?  Well this card had the song "Your The Top" by Ethel Merman.  And she didn't know it!  Lucky me!  We had such a blast watching her memorize all the words...opening the card over and over again so she didn't miss a word!  And now Jules knows all the songs!

This card I made for Jules.  She's so 50's and her kitchen was yellow and blue for many years.  Every time I think of Jules, I think of a bright blue sky and the most sunny summer day, and sitting at her kitchen table chatting the morning away!

This is not an SU! snob card like my previous ones posted.  I say that in only the most endearing way!  And I can only say that because I was a SU! snob for many years.  I just needed to leap out of the SU! box and explore the great big world of paper crafts out there!  The stamps are Papertrey Ink, For the Graduate, and Hero Arts, Paisley.  Cardstock is SU! and I made the DSP rosette from a scrap 12x12 paper I had.  It's simple, but pretty I think!  And though I just made it, and Jules birthday was in April, I'm sure when I give it to her next week, she'll love it even though it's late!

So how late is too late to send a card?  Let me know your thoughts!
Winks & Wishes 

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