Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello again my Stamping Friends!

Have you ever had the opportunity to simply stop, look around you, and feel such a sense of accomplishment and at that very same moment, feel like there's still that mountain to climb?  I must admit, that is exactly how I feel!

I promised to post about the project we made at the February camp, and about my progress on my studio.  Unfortunately, my time was eaten away by the time monster, aka house keeper, grocery shopper, & short order cook!  I have been so busy doing a mini make over on my studio, that I haven't had time for much of any thing else!

So to update you on the progress of my studio:
Paint, new (to me) furniture, hanging beloved pictures and projects, board games with the family, and snuggling up with my Bitty Girl seem to be the joys of my busy days.  Not to mention, dusting, vacuuming, patching walls, scaling ladders, changing light fixtures, and quickly cleaning up paint spills, drips, and smudges!  But it was all so worth it last night!  Well, not just last night.  Snuggling with Bitty Girl and playing board games with Travis are what makes it all worth while.  On a stamping note, having everyone in my studio where all my supplies were with in an arm's reach was FANTASTIC!  I even had 90% put away before the last guest left!  Oh what joy that was!  And this morning, my son came down to, well the same stuff that was left on the table from last night.  The only difference was it was his laundry and not my stamping stuff! :)  So happy!

Though much of my "stuff" now has a neat (that's a relative term ya know!) new home, I'm still looking for better storage for 12X12 paper.

I stole Dawn McVey's idea for button storage, and it is PERFECT!  Just like the buttons from Papertrey Inc.  I've chatted a million times about what a great deal these buttons are, so if you haven't checked them out yet, you are truly missing out on one of the best deals in the crafting industry!

One topic that often comes to mind when creating a studio space is storage.  I have almost always had a hutch of some type or other for the bulk of my supplies.  This ol...well maybe considering it was made just 3 short years AFTER I was born ol isn't exactly the term I should be using!  This lovely retro, doesn't sound any better :), hutch houses all my card stock, stamps, punches, adhesives, heat guns & powders, and anything else I can manage to stick in it.  I love how the shelves are glass as the light can shine down through it and can spot light the projects on the upper shelves.  I also love how it give vertical  height in this short ceilinged room.  Yes, the designer in me is coming out!  It's a huge unit, with tons of storage.  Perfect for all my supplies, and stylish enough for added character :)

This wall unit is from Making's a love hate relationship...Love that it's cute, and white, and houses my PTI buttons.  Hate the ribbon storage.  In order to get an empty spool off, you have to take all the spools off in between.  Not fun!  In addition, it won't hold the SU! ribbon spools.

Don't you just smile a sly little smile when you actually use some thing your hubby has tried for years to get you to pitch?  Yep!  this old frame (I can say that considering I haven't a clue how old these frames truly are:) I picked up at an estate auction at least 10 years ago.  They have made their way in every room of my previous house and now several rooms in our current home and have landed here.  Nothing original about this idea.  The fact that I completed the project is what's original!

Well, I could go on and on about my little finds and mini make over.  I'd love to hear your questions and suggestions for improvement!

Until next time,
Winks & Wishes!

Oh yes, I know!  I am a designer and though I would love to shop all the trendy, expensive stores and have everything the second I want it, in the color, size, and shape that would fit perfectly into a cute little magazine.  The reality is, I'm as broke as it gets.  And just like you, I'm doing what I can with what I have to make my house a home.  I love my eclectic finds and each of them have made their way into my home, and heart for a reason.  So, no not much is "new".  And yes, I do have a cheap white bookcase mixed with a vintage chair I reupholstered, next to a newer cherry pub set with an old "this wood isn't so good" hutch.  But I love it.  ;) Christie

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