Saturday, April 25, 2009

Copic Markers....hum...

Well I went to HL (hobby lobby) on a quest to further investigate the infamous COPIC SKETCH MARKER. These are pricey and though I have gone many times to buy them, I have never had the courage to spend $7 on a marker...and I went to design school and would spend $10-$20 on a marker. So what's the big deal with $7 right??? Well, there are many big deals lol~

First I don't really know how to use them. That's probably the biggest issue. I believe in buying quality products. And I don't mind waiting for them to go on sale even it that means waiting 6 months or more. If the product is good, then it is worth it to me to wait to get it on sale. So I have been waiting for 4 months and they just went on sale at HL this week!

Second, I spent way too much money on art supplies that I never used while in school. And spent even more money on the products I used on a daily basis. I need to be able to pick it up, and use it to it's fullest ability quickly to justify the cost.

In addition, I have nearly every stamp pad Su! has made in the past 5 years. By using a water color brush, that I already own, and a cup of water, that I get from the tap in a cup I already own, I have all the colors I need without having to buy additional supplies...right???

Lastly, Some stamped images simply do not lend themselves to marker use. I have only a handful of stamps that I can use these markers with. (But boy what a difference it would make! lol~)

Ok, so now you have read the reasons why I shouldn't buy them...yeah, I still got a hand full of them to play with! Don't expect me to post anything too quickly as I am really fumbling with them...I hope to have something presentable soon. I'll keep ya posted!
Christie ;)

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