Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christie's Cheesecakes

Gourmet Sweet Varieties

The Classic
This is your classic, rich cheesecake with a gram cracker crust.
8" $20
Topped with fresh fruit or fruit glaze

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl
Fresh raspberries and fine white chocolate swirled into yummy goodness on a chocolate crust
8" $25

Chocolate Decadence
Fine dark or milk chocolate on a chocolate crust
8" $23

Kona Mocha
Can make with standard Colombian coffee
Hawaii's finest Kona Coffee and premium dark chocolate garnished with dark chocolate Kona beans. YUMMMM! What else can I say???
8" $30
Colombian 8" $25

Key Lime
Fresh Key Limes and gourmet whipped cream. Refreshing treat for the Winter!
8" $25

Pumpking No not a typo, Pumpking cause i cant seem to type "in" without adding the G!
Pumpking cheesecake layered on top of The Classic. Topped with fresh homemade REAL whip cream! (not fattening at all!)
8" $25

Candy Cane
Peppermint cheesecake topped with rich dark, milk, and white chocolates. A real holiday pleaser

Chocolate, nuts, chocolate ganashe, carmel, more chocolate, rich, yummy, gooey, do I need to go on??
8" $30

Gourmet Savory Varieties

Maryland Crab
Not your typical cheesecake, but then again, none of them are! Fresh jumbo lump Maryland crab baked into a savory blend of gourmet spices and herbs. Served warm with bread.
5" $20

Buffalo Cheesecake
Christie's take on Hot Wings! All the goodness of Hot Wings baked into a savory cheesecake. It starts with grillled all white meat chicken spiced with a secret blackening seasoning. Then I slather on my buffalo sauce. The seasoned chicken is then folded into the cake along with garlic, onion, and other spices and herbs. After a nice bake in the oven, it is then topped with a blend of the seasoned chicken, blue cheese, buffalo sauce, and bacon. Cause everything is better with bacon!
5" $20

Gourmet Sets

The Tartlet
cant decide on what you want? The Tartlet is perfect! Bite size cheesecakes in any combination of 4 from the Gourmet Sweet Varieties.
40 Tartlets $25

Choose one kind or up to 3 kinds of the Gourmet Sweet varieties.
24 cupcakes $25

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  1. Okay...I MUST try one of your Buffalo Chicken Cheesecakes! Though the Crab Cheesecake shouds interestingly excellent too. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.


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